Frequently Asked Questions

No! Our patent-pending design will add a splash of color and fun patterns to jeans just as they are, without requiring any alterations to your clothes.”

We hope that our cuffs will look great on your favorite jeans but some pants do work better than others. For our Skinny cuffs, most jeans labeled skinny will work. Jeggings tend to be too tight and long to cuff well but we’ve seen it done. Other styles, such as straight, cropped, boyfriend, girlfriend can all work well too.  RE Cuffs™ will not work on flared or bootcut jeans.

Simply measure at the bottom of your jean, straight across (do not stretch the fabric when measuring), and pick the size closest when ordering! 5.5″ across should order size 5.5.”

Watch our “How to Cuff” video. It’s only 20 seconds long and the easiest way to learn. Though it may take a little practice getting them on perfectly, you’ll be a pro in no time. Simply turn the cuff inside out so the silicone lining faces out. FOLD your jean bottom up a few times (don’t just pull and scrunch your jean bottom). Slide the cuff up your leg (silicone facing out and up top). Fold your jean down so the bottom of the jean matches the bottom of the cuff and fold twice!

The great thing about our cuffs is they can be adjusted to fit your personality! All our photos are of the same cuffs (in different color patterns), simply folded to appear wider or narrower. If you just want a low-profile, narrow cuff, just make the fold small. Want it thicker? You can do that too! Have a little fun and try different fold styles to see what you like best.

Watch the video! If your cuff is coming out the bottom of your pant, you are making the outer cuff too big and not leaving enough fabric up inside the pant. Align the bottom of the cuff with the bottom of your jean before you start folding.

Of course! Your cuffs have been preshrunk. Because they are 100% cotton, they may stretch a little with wear. You can throw them in the washer on cold or warm and dry on low temperature.

With proper wear and care, our cuffs have a long life to live.

Store inside out with the silicone lining not touching other pairs or the silicone may stick together.

Coordinating products such as scarves and shirts are in the works! Please sign up for our newsletter so you get all the news about the latest releases from Rhubarb Envy™.

We would love to hear your suggestions for patterns and colors so send us a message. Single custom orders are not available at this time.

Definitely! Send a message to with your contact information and we’ll call you to discuss.