Our Philosophy

You’re an original—and your pants should be, too. Rhubarb Envy™ is about carefree, creative self-expression through personal style.

We believe in the goodness of life and the goodness of people. Our fabric cuffs share moments of happiness, so you can wear what makes you feel good and spread a little extra joy wherever you go.

Rhubarb Envy™ Origins

from founder Mary Hardin:

The Cuffs

Autumn in Montana comes early, and summer’s cool evenings mean we wear jeans almost year-round. In the winter, I loved the look of flannel-lined pants rolled up at the bottom, but I couldn’t get past their bulky fit. 

One fall day, I found the perfect plaid flannel and decided to turn it into a pair of fabric cuffs. My daughters, sisters, sisters-in-law, and friends all LOVED that first pair of cuffs. And the possibilities, we realized, were endless! From plaid to paisley and everything in between, our fabric cuffs add fun vibes to the everyday, no matter the season.

The Name

What is ‘Rhubarb Envy™?’ The name is just what it sounds like, an envy of other people’s rhubarb!

One spring I shared a photo of my first rhubarb shoots with my family, only to have my brother (in Alaska, of all places!) immediately out-do me with a photo of HIS rhubarb, which was much further along. With a good-natured laugh at my reaction, he coined the term ‘rhubarb envy™.’

These days, a dear friend who lives nearby—and is fully aware of my rhubarb envy™ — shows up at my door every May Day (May 1st) with a bundle of her own garden’s healthy, thriving rhubarb as a gift. 

Some people have spring fever. I have Rhubarb Envy™.

I’d been saving the name for my all-girl rock band… but somehow, my lack of musical talent has kept that dream from becoming a reality. So, it was the perfect name for our Cuffs.”